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CEO Owner and Sr Engineer

Engineers Joshua Gerena is a graduate of The Institute of Audio Research with a Degree in Recording Engineering.


Sought after by the Best recording Engineers, Joshua has been a viable resource in the music industry for the last 18 years. Specializing in the recording and mixing of records in the Rock, Latin R&B and Hip Hop scene, he is known for his trademark Crisp sound, pristine mixes and Mastering that capture and hold the attention of every listener.

Josh, has work with a ton of heavy hitters in the Latin/American word with artist such as, Domingo Quinones, Mikey Perfecto, Paquito D'Rivera, Charlie Cruz, Movie Star and American singer Allison Strong, Papo Luca, Pete Conde Rodriguez, Johnny Pacheco, Michelle Bonilla to mention a few.



Owner/Partner and Sr Engineer of Elizabeth Location

Engineers, Producer ,Percussionist Erik Piza is the Sr Engineer at Audio Beast Studios Elizabeth NJ. Erik has been a key player in the Latin Salsa and Jazz Scene for over 15 years. Not only has Erik work as an engineer, but he is also  a world renowned percussionist.

He has recorded for top Latin and Jazz artists in the world and he is a Grammy Award winner. Erik's musical influences are very wide within different genres of music. He is also one of the most sought out Latin percussionist in New York City because of his versatility and ability to adapt to all styles. One of Erik's favorite quotes is: “Music is not only a way of expression, it is also a way of life.”

There is so much more about Erik, Check out his signature bongo by Toca Percussion. Erik Piza Signature Bongos feature fiberglass shells with a traditional Afro-Cuban design and black, powder-coated, traditional hoops and hardware. The bongos boast a bright, iridescent Orange finish, 7" and 9" Remo Fiberskyn heads and are adorned with a custom designed Erik Piza Signature Plate

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